Raymond Pocino

Raymond Pocino is vice president and regional manager of LIUNA, responsible for the city of New York, Long Island, Puerto Rico, New Jersey and Delaware. 

Pocino began his career as an operator in 1956 and has since held various leadership positions. Having established one of the most powerful union organizations in North America, Pocino earned a reputation for being able to develop innovative programs that benefit both union members and employers. His capacity as a labor leader has made him an essential resource for elected officials, business leaders and the community at large. Unwavering in its support for workers, Pocino uses its experience and understanding of economic development issues to create opportunities that benefit everyone. 

Pocino currently serves his fourth term as vice president and regional manager of the Eastern area of ​​LIUNA and is convinced that the power of this union lies in the education and empowerment of its members. Pocino founded the first regional organization fund of LIUNA, LEROF, and the union’s new RISE program, which offers members the organizational and leadership skills needed to support each other, as well as fellow members. 

Pocino joined Local 172 in 1956, where she held various leadership positions, helping to transform her into one of the most progressive and connected unions in the New Jersey community, prior to her appointment as manager of the East area in 1995. She was elected vice president of LIUNA in 1998.

Pocino served four consecutive terms as president and business manager of the 3,500-member local. He is also part of numerous commissions and coalitions dedicated to improving the economy and quality of life in his home state, including the New Jersey Highway Authority.