Rafael Iván Arroyo Díaz

President of the Ready Mix Workers Union, affiliated to LIUNA since May 2010. As president he is in charge of representing workers in grievance and grievance procedures, negotiating collective agreements, presiding over the union’s Board of Directors and achieving that more workers choose to join the union and enjoy the benefits and protections of unionization. 

Rafael Iván started working in the concrete industry in the early 90’s and quickly joined the union as shop steward, then as general delegate, delegate of the negotiating committee and as delegate in the health and safety area. For Rafael Iván injustices in the workplace are unacceptable. That is why he did not remain indifferent when in his first job he was a victim of employer abuse and decided to put into practice what he had learned in occupational health and safety courses and denounced the situation before the federal OSHA agency, causing the work area to be closed because it threatened against the safety of workers. His courageous stance earned him the admiration of his fellow workers who recognized his leadership skills. 

That first work experience of Rafael Iván, his philosophy of life, his academic preparation and his responsibilities as a union leader are the basis of his defense of unionism as a tool of defense, protection and the possibility of workers’ progress. “I would like to contribute to the process of organization of workers in all industries to help stabilize the market in terms of wages and benefits for employees, which in turn results in price stability for different products, ending the competition unfair that affects unionized workers “, says Rafael Iván, who holds a university degree from the Institute of Labor Relations of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.